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Safety for family and property is a major concern for homeowners. Installing a surveillance system in a home can be quite costly, but not installing one could be more costly. Security systems have come a long way, with some even calling emergency responders once triggered. professional security camera installation services assess your requirements and provide you with a system that best suits your needs, lifestyle, and with suitable features Home Security Camera Installation Service.

Types of home surveillance systems

Professional security camera installation services will give you peace of mind as you are assured that your family and property are safe. The following are the types of home surveillance systems at your disposal.

Indoor surveillance systems

Indoor surveillance systems home video surveillance system installers can fit indoor surveillance systems that enable you to keep tabs on pets, babies and their nannies, construction workers, and repairmen, among others. You can either choose to monitor them remotely or go through the high-quality footage at the end of the day.

Outdoor surveillance systems

These are installed outside the home and are meant to discourage intruders.

professional security camera installation services include the installation of discreet or rather obvious cameras that are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and damage from the elements.

What types of cameras are available?

  • Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are shortly known as PTZ cameras, and can rotate back and forth, up and down, as well as zoom in and out. These cameras are ideal when you want to focus on a particular area.
  • Dome security cameras, which as the name suggests, are dome-shaped. These can have both outdoor and indoor housings and can be quite discreet.
  • Fixed cameras which once fixed, will always capture images in that direction.
  • Bullet cameras, whose housing, camera and lens are shaped like a bullet.
  • Often this type of camera included IR illuminators making it ideal for the low-light sections of the home. Since its body is sealed, this camera requires minimal servicing.
  • IP security cameras, which usually incorporate a built-in a video analyzing system.
    Home video surveillance system installers also offer these cameras which are high-resolution and scalable.
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